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Default Re: Throttle problem

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
There's a "stop" at the end of the cable (for lack of a better term, I don't know really what else to call it). Is that what's coming loose from the carburettor? Or is the whole cable coming loose? Can you describe in more detail? Maybe it's an easy fix.
It is not the "stop" that is still there and I am putting it into the slot the proper way so it seats itself. It just seems that the cable has become to short. I just got back from a ride and it was 10-15 mph without any twist on the throttle. It feels to me that there is something missing in the throttle twist on the handelbar. When I turn it forward to what should be idle, it still goes. Also, yesterday when I turned the throttle, it felt like something snapped becuase there was a certain resistance and return that was not there. But, as I said, I took the twist throttle apart and everyting seemed to be in order, i.e., the cable was still attached where it should be (but I have never taken it apart before).

Thanks for thinking about this with me.
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