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Default Throttle problem

I have had my motorized bicycle for about three months now and just encountered a new problem. Suddenly my throttle cable will not stay attached to the carburetor. When I reattach it, which is difficult because the cable seems to short, it has the thing running 3/4 full speed. I must admit that I had a low speed crash the other day but I cannot find any kinks in the throttle cable or anything else that seems to have anything to do with that operation. I took the throttle handlebar piece apart earlier and nothing seemed amiss. But I am now wondering if there is supposed to be a spring in the throttle handle that might have been knocked loose and I missed it. I wonder about this because the throttle twist feels a little different. Any help?

Also, I have searched around on this site and have not been able to find anything that helps. Maybe I missed something.

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