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Default Re: Northwoods Ridgedale Cruiser Build

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Thanks a ton. It helps a lot seeing the same motor already mounted in a bicycle just like mine.

Using the tensioner on the peddle side??? I never thought about that, but that does solve the problem. I have seen spring loaded chain tensioners available for the peddle side. That solves that problem.

I already have the sprocket adapter, and sprocket on order from Pirate. They don't have a motor mount like that on their webbsite. I'd sure like to get one. Do you offer one, or can it be special ordered through a distributor like Pirate?
The engine mount in the photos worked great! I assembled that bike a year and a half ago, and the customer rides it almost daily.

Out of 20 or so of that design, I had several that cracked at the bends. They were all local builds that were fitted with one for testing. 3 customers had engines that vibrated a bit on the excessive side. It was on these bikes that the mount broke. One bike vibrated so badly that when sitting still and revved...the whole bike was a blur...

I have since done a re-design that includes all machined parts.

I'm working on a motor mount program for Pirate Cycles and Pistonbikes. I'm waiting to see if any of the 100+ that have been shipped fail before producing mass quatities.

I never had a problem with the old, pan style, mount...but then again, I chuck engines that vibrate badly. They get a crank balancing, or are used for parts.

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