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Default Re: Moped Parts Being Used? What Works What DOESN'T?

There have been a couple total-custom motorized bicycle builds that used moped wheels and hubs. In particular, a few people have used moped or motorcycle hubs for the rear wheel, since that is the one that gets the strain from the engine power. Moped hubs are built stronger than bicycle hubs overall--thicker axles, bigger bearings and better brakes are there too.


If I was going to do this, I think I would just go buy a Tomos moped complete (they cost around $800 or so last I saw) get it licensed and registered, and then modify away until it was whatever I wanted. That way you get the whole engine, drivetrain, hubs, lights, ect. It might not be 100% legal to use bicycle rims and tires on one,,,, but if there's no inspection, they're probably never going to find out anyway.

To convert to using bicycle rims and tires you just need to get a moped with wire-spoke wheels that are 36-spoke, which isn't that difficult.

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