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Default Help Me Decide Which Bike To Use.

My dad FOUND this bicycle stashed in his bushes:

BikePedia - 2005 Trek 6700 Complete Bicycle

and he's planning on giving it to me. However, I'm currently using this:

BikePedia - 1995 Giant Rincon Complete Bicycle

What should I do? The Trek bike is in like, brand new condition, whereas my Giant is all rusty and crap (because it's like 20 years old). Also the Trek bike has DISK BRAKES. Plus the value of the bike itself is close to a grand.

My Giant bike's frame is chromoly steel, however. The Trek bike is made of aluminum. Do you think Trek's high-grade aluminum would crack and break if I put my engine on it? Should I just take the bike and sell it or something? I could probably get $600 for it or something.

Has anyone here used an aluminum framed Trek bike and had the frame itself fail?
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