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Default Re: Help With removing large gear

Yeah i removed the nut and the little washer type thing, but you're right and i will post pics tomorrow, kinda late right now. Thing has been driving me nuts (pun intended).

Big picture reason is i had a main crank gasket blow on me, grubee skyhawk 66 brand new. It went just below the bolt hole in the front part of the engine. I only realy just noticed it after i started having performance problems and then i had to keep turning the idle screw in, then i knew i had an air leak which i assumed would be one of the head gaskets or inner gaskets, or carb, checked all those over and over without seeing any problems. Before long i kept noticing a black stain just below the forward crankcase bolthole, then, pow!


Anyways, i need to get a new gasket in there, i'll heed norms advice about the ball bearings. Damn thing is in there awfully tight!
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