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Default Re: Help With removing large gear

Originally Posted by vespasian View Post
Hi all, i've been browsing the forums and read a ton of helpfull stuff. But i'am absolutely stuck here, i have read all of Norms instructions on this problem but nothing seems to work.

I'am trying to remove the large gear on the right side of the engine, i have removed the flower nut, the bolt and the plate etc and now i;am looking at the clutch pads. I tried using the puller tool with no success, i have reemed on it and the little nut in the middle while trying to hold the outer side of the puller tool with a wrench, this thing will not budge! i concidered trying to use a snipe pipe on my wrench but if it is going to take that kind of power to use the puller tool something can't be right. Any help would be appreciated!
Do you have a pic
You have to remove the nut from the middle of the clutch first
but my pullers will not thread in with the nut there

They come off pretty easy as there is only a key that stops the clutch
from turning

Maybe its rusted on? I had a lot of 10 tooth sprockets that needed to
be soaked with heavy duty penetrating goop before they would come off.
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