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Default Re: Why is 48cc more powerful than 66cc

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
The comparison to what you are talking about here would be like taking an engine out of a sport bike the runs 150mph and putting it in a 1/2 ton pickup wouldnt do much.

your motorized skateboard has small tires & wheels which are much easier to pull, you have much less weight overall and a little higher reving engine, but take that motor you have on your foot scooter and put it on a 26" mountain bike with a 36T final drive sprocket and then put it side by side with a good running 66cc china girl that will get around 40+mph with this setup and you will be very surprised with how much better the 66cc china girl will pull that bike compared to the 49cc engine on your foot scooter.

foot scooters with 49cc engines and 26" bicycles with tuned 66cc china girls are not apples to apples.

But on another note, I would love to have a board scooter like the one you have if it will do 40+mph I can see how that would be a lot of fun, and dont get me wrong here I have nothing against foot scooters at all, I plan to build one for myself in the future.

Happy safe riding all.......!
Actually my scooter is heavier than most bikes, only revs to 8000 tops, has a 26 inch front wheel, and my rear wheel gearing in 3rd gear is a bit taller than 36t on you mt bike

If I put the CY46 scotto mentioned on it, I'd hit well above 60.
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