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Wink Re: Why is 48cc more powerful than 66cc

Originally Posted by bowljoman View Post
I think the foot scooter motors smoke the bike motors for lunch. I know I hit 42 with my 49cc, and I dont even have to peddle off the line or at the top end. (dont have 'em)
Yes they will, and the 46cc (CY46 / GP 460) is also made in China and powers my stand-up foot scoot up to 52mph and it's a single speed. The fastest I've ever a motorized bicycle single speed up to is 45mph....quite a difference. The accelleration is like night and day...the little scoot will smoke the bike hands down...PERIOD.

And there still remains no replacement for dissplacement and that's a fact, as Tom (2door) was sayin'. Power is power and speed is speed, don't confuse the two!

Accelleration is another story.
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