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Default Re: Glad I found the site

Flattery, sir, will get you everywhere.
I am a motorbicycle addict with no parents to rein me in and say, "Enough already!" The first time I just wanted to be able to ride and couldn't get it together fast enough, a 63 Schwinn American. (Well, there had been a few bikebug builds prior to that, but they don't count... I hit the 'big time' with the 2 stroke china girl engine and was now hooked. Then I built another 63 American even though there was nothing wrong with the first one. Then a 1939 Elgin step through. This summer a Worksman News Boy and just finishing up a 1950 Schwinn Motorbike with a four stroke. And already need my builder's fix with a new project, a 1934 Elgin step through. I still love riding with the dog in tow behind me, but now the process of planning and building a bike is every bit as rewarding as riding it. I like how I feel when the creative juices flow and I have a project to figure out, lavish my meager financial resources on and devote my full attention to making it as well as I know how... so my skills are improving and some things that were once hard are now easy. It's nice on a blustery winter day to be inside near the wood stove working on a build to be tried out in the spring when the snow is gone and a new riding season has begun. It gives me something to do in my geezer years and this forum gives me a community of like minded people, young and old, to share things with. Pretty cool fun.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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