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Default Re: A question about oil and gas

Originally Posted by Rnalecz View Post
Im new to the motorbicycling, and i cant find any place were it tells me what type of gas to use? do these motors take regular gas at a gas station, or would unlimited be even better for the engine? Also what is the best type of oil to use at a local store like autozone or pepboys?

Indeed what engine? Great replies so far. I'll just add something to the break-in with synthetic stuff. A 2-stroke engine will break in just fine with synthetic oil of any brand. Maybe some mfr's of oil say this (I've not seen it) but with these engines it makes no difference if you start minute one with synthetic and it can be argued it's a better idea, especially when the ratios recommended for break in are 15:1 or 20:1 (which sorta flies in the face of no synthetic from the start)

On the fuel, save a few cents. It will burn most anything but not old ethanol fuel premix. Mix that and burn it. But don't store it.
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