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Default Re: the one time i impulse buy... (chinese motor kit)

i did some looking around, and i think that "TEH" is grounded and a good source, and hence bought those parts.

Originally Posted by Techbiker View Post
You WILL want one of those or a shift kit. Believe me! The stock rag joint is virtually impossible to true and puts undue stress on your wheel spokes. The disc mount sprockets weigh much less than the stock sprocket and will provide a solid, true track for your chain.
so will my sprocket (i'm assuming this means the gear of the rear wheel?) will break basically if i don't get this part?

from the MANIC site, there is an option for a 62 tooth something that i didn't understand nor was it explained. do i just need the basic part or the additional wahtever-it-is-62-tooth deal?

i'm beginning to regret doing this if i have to replace half of the parts in the kit. thanks for the info, not trying to kill the messenger. i'm just unhappy it is costing this much.

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