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Default Re: Northwoods Ridgedale Cruiser Build

Thanks I feel the love guys. This is my new home. Even though I'm a novice with motor assisted bicycles I've done a lot of custom fabrication on my motorcycles.

I never even heard
of these bikes before 3 weeks ago, but I'm already hooked. If it has 2 wheels and burns gasoline I love it.

I've learned from experience that forums like this are where all the knowledge is found, so I plan to ask a lot of questions. Someday I'll give back too.

Right now I'm really looking forward to getting started. I have parts ordered from different suppliers, and I'm sure I'll need a lot more before I'm through. Knowing the way I work I'll probably have the first $1000 home built lol.

There's 2 areas I find suspect. The stock motor mounts, and the rear sprocket attachment. I'm trying to get a sprocket adapter and sprocket from Pirate, but they're out of stock of sprockets so I wait. I also don't care for the stock motor mount hardware. I'll probably make something of my own but I need the kit in my hand first.

I wonder whats better, rubber mount, or solid mount. I saw an ingenious mount made from hockey pucks that looked interesting. From what I've seen so far opinions are all over the map.

Since I already have 3 motorcycles I want to try to not make my bicycle look like a little motorcycle as much as possible. Scotto's bike looks a lot like what I'll probably end up with.

I'm planning to mount two 1 liter fuel bottles on a water bottle cage mounted to the seat post for a fuel tank. Also looking for a rear rack I like.

All suggestions welcome.

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