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Default Re: Ethanol killing small engines

Well, the first part of this experiment starts in typically Unscientific, Click & Clack Puzzler, Alabama Bogus Fashion.

I have about 1 and a third gallons of pre-mixed 87 proof corn syrup, and I'm too cheeeeeep to toss any of it.

So I empty one of the gallon containers, pour the Stihl oil in the bottom, off to the Holly Pond Chevron to purchase some 91. (91+87) / 2 = 89 octane. RiGHt?

10 mile scamper through the hills, pull up proudly to the Chevy Tahoe who just pumped in $135.

Imagine my puzzlement, three brands 87, 89, 93. 93??!!

Throw away all the math, life is too short.

So, until I use up this Lime/baloney type eyesight mix I'm going to make, testing of true/fresh 89 octane sugar water will be a few days away.
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