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Default Re: Annoying People.......

I think alot has to do with what kind of town you're in. I live near San Diego, if I ride my bike down by the beach I get endless attention, usually all good. Closer to home (Rancho Bernardo) which is a rather snootie part of town I get almost no attention. Though one day I dropped by a local bicycle shop and parked my bike out front. When I left the store there was one guy checking out my bike. He never said a word but he did point to the hole in my seat then walked away....

But I have to say the people who annoy me the most are the ones who yell out "that's cheating". On a recent group ride we passed a woman who yelled out "that's cheating" in a not friendly manner at all. We passed her again not long after we had made a quick beer stop. Once again she yelled out "THAT'S CHEATING" with a quite angry face. Couldn't help but notice her huge butt and couldn't help but yell back "we're not the ones trying to work off all those cheeseburgers". Lord that was wrong, and bless all the poor starving pygmies in New Guinea...
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