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Default Re: Annoying People.......

I get tired of it sometimes. I've been riding mine for 2 years now. At first it was kinda flattering, someone likes the bike I've spent all this time on! Now it's just .. Oh god, another person talking to me about it... Usually I don't mind, but there are three times I do mind.
1. When I'm stopping for a warm beverage on my way to work. I'm still mostly asleep, I want my drink, I want to continue on riding. Leave me alone
2. I'm on my way home from work, stopping at the store for something to eat for dinner. I'm tired, hungry, probably a little bit annoyed about work. Leave me alone.
3. And this one really annoys me... When someone sees me riding my pedal bike around. I always get the "oh, did your motor bike break down? Geez, I see you all the time on your pedal bike that thing must be so unreliable"
I actually like just riding my pedal bike!!! It usually isn't because something is wrong with the MB, if the motorized bicycle is broken and I don't want to pedal I have two cars. But people see me on the motorized bicycle then can't conceive I actually like pedaling around too.

And maybe another one... It's raining, I'm at the gas station on my way home from work, I'm pissed off, wet, have a long ride home, and someone starts shooting the breeze with me. I don't want to talk to them, I just want my gas and want to get home.
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