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Default Re: Rear Sprocket Attached To Spokes Question

I haven't had any problem with the rag mount myself- my Micargi multi speed hub is sized exactly to accomodate the spreocket diameter - though not secure it. the derailleur allows elimination of the tensioner on the sprocket side and allows more range for pedalling- I kill the moter two blocks away from where I'm going and coast or lightly pedal the big gear- and still have the light ones to get going.

I recently bolted a sprocket that had thing 6 inner disk brake holes directly to a high flanged flip/flop on a 700 C wheel- haven't finished the build yet- but it totally eliminates all the weight of the rag bolts- The flange was solid and thealloy there drilled easily- wish I had a picture here-

It's also for a 50 with a 41 gear- the Huffy cruiser has a light frame and is fitted with the alloy 700 C wheels- I think it will both roll with the motor and pedal well.
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