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Default Annoying People.......

So the first couple weeks I had my bike I sorta liked it when random people would ask me about my bike. Where did you get it ? Did you build it ? How much ? How fast ? MPG ? Could you make me one ? Can I ride it ? Is it legal ?

After 2 months of owning a motorized bicycle people are starting to PISS ME OFF !

I almost dread riding it to a store cause I know when I come out there will be a group of people standing around my bike and they all have the same questions. I am not a rude person but I think I am about to become one. It came to a head yesterday when I popped down to the store , came outside and this dude was sitting on my bike playing with the controls. WTF R U DOING ?!?! I yelled rather loudly. The gawkers looked at me like I was crazy. The guy on my bike just started stuttering and I heard a sorry in there somewhere. Man I was pissed.

Am I alone on this ?

Aww I so posted this in the wrong section......

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