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Default Re: Why is 48cc more powerful than 66cc

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
The ONLY subsitute for cubic more cubic inches. That old rule has stood for many years and still holds true today. Take any two engines, no matter the performance enhancements and the one with more displacement will produce the greatest power. Its actually a fact of physics that cannot be altered.
Please don't augue that the new generation, high output , turbocharged, injected and computer controlled, small displacement 4 bangers will out perform, say, a small block (350 CID) Chevy. Put the same power producing equipment on the little Chevy motor that you have on your 2 liter rice burner and the bigger displacement engine will win...every time. Let me reiterate...The only subsitute for cubic inches, is more cubic inches (or CCs)
Okay...I'll just sit here and wait for the storm to build.
Right on right on right on..........!
I used to build some pretty stout small block chevys back in the day and it's a fact that more cubes = more power when set up properly, maybe that's why in top fuel they dont use nitro methane injected 4 bangers or V6's thats a big Duh.....!

Sorry folks, the 48cc engines we are dealing with here will not out power & torque the 66cc engines when they are both set up correctly and comprable in the carb. compression, gearing and exhaust, it just wont happen unless you got a real dog of a 66cc engine that is a lemon from the start.
The 66cc engine is nothing but a big bore 48cc for the purpose of having an engine that has more power than the 48cc, it's made for doing what the 48cc does but only a little better from the extra power it provides.

2door is 100% correct here......!
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