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Default Re: what are the long term effects of an air leak?

you will have some slack on these engines between the rod and the crank journal, because of the roller bearings/pin bearings that are used, so hopefully you are still good in that area.
sorry to hear of the major failure, I was very afraid that is where that little engine of yours was headed based on what you had said you saw when pulling the jug in the begginning, if you order from Kings Ihope all goes well, I have not ordered from them myself but have heard several complaints about there service, I believe Kings and Bike Berry are the same outfit, that is a good deal on that top end kit if it comes with all the needed parts like new clips, piston rings, new wrist pin and new upper bearing.

I wish you the best on the rebuild and be careful when reinstalling the woodruf keys on the crank while putting the bottom case back together, they can be a little tricky, or at least mine were and I ended up just cutting new ones from small flat washers with my Dremel tool.
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