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Default Re: Finally scored a deal off craigslist!

Started doing a little work on the motor tonight. Got that chain off and compared it side by side to some #41 chain and it's way bigger, seems to have the same pitch though, reminds me of motorcycle chain. I think the PO may have broken the original chain and put this on because the links that were under the cover were still shiny and new looking. Rolled it up and tossed it into a coffee can full of oil.

Keep finding odd things about this motor though, thinks like all the machine screws are phillips head like what I see on newer motors but then I run into something like the head studs are only 6mm.

Pulled the head off to make sure it really was a 66cc (it is), the piston is nice and clean looking, almost no carbon at all and the spark plug was the perfect tan color.

Started stripping the paint off the side covers in preparation for some polishing. I think I'm going to leave the block black and just polish the covers and buff the paint off the edges of the fins.

Clutch seems to be in great shape and there was hardly any dust buildup under the cover at all so I think the seller was being honest when he said this motor was in great shape.

Thinking about slapping it in my old Iguana MTB as a test bike to see how it runs.
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