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Default Re: Why is 48cc more powerful than 66cc

That was my thought also, make a lower rear wheel gear to get more speed out of a motorized bike, but now I am more comfortable with about 25 mph with the motor. As with all bicycles that I have ridden, I like to feel the bike, the mechanics, how it flows with the speed. But over 25 mph, on a motorized bike, I am kinda taking my chances. I can't feel the nuances anymore above that speed over the sound and vibrations of the engine. Don't get me wrong, I love my motorized bike, I just miss higher speeds with complete control. or more control, as if complete control ever were an option

I have to say though, that the most control I have had over a bicycle was a schwin chicago fixie, that got stolen. doh! welded and braized. It's a haunted frame. I pity the fool that rides it. ha ha haaaaaaa.

No, that's not fair. The person that rides it prolly bought it from a theif. So, I wish safe riding to the new owner. See, I am over it.

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