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Originally Posted by datonamanmike View Post
thanks for your reply Jemma

it was more like as i slowed down to stop the motor stalled as it stalled it kinda poped (like a back fire )

guess im taking off the head and cyclinder
will i have a prob getting the rings back into the cyclinder ?? will i need a ring compresser ??
the air does seem to be coming from the side plate on the crank.
It does sound more like a gasket problem, if you werent gentle coming of the power you might have gotten a suck back effect that would have momentarily raised compression and popped a gasket somewhere..

As far as the rings go, it doesnt sound like that is the most likely cause, unless you have been hearing odd noises since as well as the drop in performance.. if a ring has broken or unseated and slammed into one of the ports you would definately know about it sound wise..

The fantic TI bikes used to demolish rings on a regular basis in just that way - you'd hear a nice tinkling noise and bits of ring would be spat out of the exhaust - at which point the bike wouldnt manage more than 40mph. They were only a 50cc producing 6.5hp through a 6 speed transmission making 65mph so they had excuse for being sensitive - although if you used the Iron cylinder from related bikes such as the fantic GT that would solve the problem.. apparently they were one helluva moped...

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