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Default Glad I found the site

I have been looking at motorized bikes for 50 years ever since I saw my first Wizzer. I always wanted to get a bike or lately to try and build one. I checked out motors and parts on the internet. I went to some scooter shops none of them were into motorized bikes. I talked to a couple of guys who have been building bikes for a while. Finally I decide to stop talking and wasting time looking at bikes. I went Craigs list picked out 3 bikes I liked that looked in decent shape looked at them and bought my first bike to get started and commit my interest and time to motorized bikes. I am not sure what I have compared to what is available and I am not mechanical but it sure is a kick to ride. Its a steel frame 10 speed mountain bike that came as accessory with a GM Denali wagon outdoor package it has a SKyhawk Gt2-B-48cc engine. Its heavy but runs good and has definitely got me started on building my next bike. Some of the bikes on this site are unbelievable. This site is a great find.

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