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Default Re: A question about oil and gas

Down in my "ethanol is killing me" thread, I found out Monday Stihl (notorious for their warranty conditions) recommends 89 octane from major brands.

I'll be finishing up my nightmare of my first 2 gallons of ethanol (87 octane) by this weekend, making a trip to the store this morning to get a batch of 89, it'll take a few miles to jetison out the lower grade......
Great reply. Thanks for reminding me that the gasoline manufacturers change their formulation throughout the year to compensate for climate conditions. I have some 4 month old fuel ill need to deal with.
Nowadays, with all the folks coming for demo rides, I rarely have any old mix sitting around, but back when I did, I'd toss 3 week old mixed in the car or lawnmowe and start fresh.

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