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Default Re: Trying to find threads from last summer...are they saved somewhere?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
"cough, sneeze, gasp & wheeze" ...Oh, right, Geoff. You find it, bring it up to Walter and left me down there in that dusty basement with just one bare lightbulb...spiders and creepy crawly things everywhere... But, I did find my Bic lighter that I dropped down there last year.
Yea Tom... You knew full well I was next to the pile of old Atomic Zombie bikes and yer "cough & wheeze" act would freak me right out o.o

Funny ya didn't mention how I screamed like a gurl and started flailing about with that ol' triple tree fork... it's a good thing you were wearin' a helmet man - some things jus' ain't funny to joke about.

It's a srs problem, ferealz

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