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Smile Rear Sprocket Attached To Spokes Question

Right now I'm using a friction drive kit. I need to switch to a chain drive kit for winter so I can use my studded tire on the rear of the bicycle. I had a Golden Eagle kit that kept ruining wheels because the spokes kept breaking. That was too expensive to continue so I switched to friction drive.

Friction drive destroys the inside of my tires. The treads last but the interior comes apart and the tire threads eat into the inner tubes causing flats. Nobody ever wrote about that problem before. At least I hadn't heard of it or read about it.

With so many of you guys owning kits with those clamp on rear sprockets I'd like to know if they ever cause spokes to break on wheels. How many miles can you go before spokes start to break? One kit seller said that clamping sprockets to the wheels actually makes the wheel stronger and that he's never had spokes break on a wheel with his sprockets. Has anyone else experienced that or can you vouch for that being true?

I use my kit to take me to and from work. I don't own a car and really don't want one. I need some good answers from people with experience. My frame is a hard tail and I'm hoping to get a new 50 cc four stroke motor that will propel me at the legal limit of 30 mph. A rack mount is what I need for my current frame design though I'd consider getting a conventional mountain bike frame for an in frame installation.

Thanks for the help.


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