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Default Re: dynamic crankshaft balancing

Can you do the RAW motor crank as well? I am very interested in your current mods to the engine as well! I am planning a build up and would be pleased with 6hp if that's doable without killing reliability. I actually am VERY skilled at porting 4 cycle engines (I actually used to build Indy 500 Race engines for Nissan, as well as MANY other forms of racing, I literally have 1000's of porting hours under my belt), but have never attempted a 2 stroke. Any tips? I know I will need to raise and slightly widen the exhaust port, but I am not too sure what to do with the transfers and such other than just clean them up...

P.S. What carb and exhaust are you using?

Thanks a TON!! I am new to this bike stuff but its really FUN! I am hoping to get 50MPH with a shift kit and really good acceleration and off road climbing power!

Thanks for the help!
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