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Default Bike best suited for build?

Ok so I've made a decision about a motor I THINK. I had really wanted to go with thatsdax because of the great things I've heard but he said they no longer have in-frame kits for sale. Since I would prefer an in-frame kit I've found an alternative dealer. Not found anything bad about them yet, so I'm thinking I'm gonna go for it. They offer a 30 day guarantee, so I'll take a chance.....

Now I need to finalize my decision on the actual bicycle. Because of the layout of my bike, I can't use it, plus I'd like to keep it unaltered. My family and I ride our bikes everywhere when we go on vacation, so I'll save it for when I go with them and have a regular boring bike!

I've got it narrowed down to these three:

1) Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser
2) OP Beach Cruiser
3) Next Amplifier Mountain Bicycle

I like the cruiser look, but I've heard various things. If I go with the mtn bike, no dealing with adding on brakes though. I could take off one of the brakes on my current bike or my boyfriends and try to fix it up on the new one. Free! I've heard different things about the tire rims on the OP. Got me nervous, but I guess I could trade some tires around from my mom's old cruiser bike if necessary. Also it seems like the distance between the two pipes the mounting plate would go between are way to far apart for me to easily mount it.

I don't really like the whole look of the Huffy but it is a steel frame, so it'd be a lot sturdier. Heavier for when I have to carry it up the stairs in my apartment to lock it up for the weekend, and heavier to lift onto the bike rack and drive home for the summer, but sturdier. Right? :b I kinda hate the white rims thing going on and blue isn't my favorite color, but I could live with it.

The mtn bike seems ok. I only have an issue with the bars being lower, so I'd have to lean over a bit more. But I guess it'd be easier if i had to pedal the bike without the motor since i could shift gears. and the brakes wouldn't need altering.

What are your thoughts?? I need some help deciding this last thing really. And of course I'll wait until I have the motor to check final dimensions and make sure everything will fit. What do you think about style? Ease of mounting? Sturdiness?? HELP ME!
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