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Default Re: what are the long term effects of an air leak?

so i threw all that... turns out everything was fine with the new carb. she was riding very nicely...EXCEPT... in reusing the g pin it failed ,broke, and destroyed the piston and cylinder after a ride around the neighborhood. so back to rebuilding the top end... plus i need to get that gear puller to make sure i find the piece of the g clip if its still in the bottom end... GRRR. ill be posting if i need any help thanks guys. ttys

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Do as you will on this, but if the piston is scored and the cylinder is scored "Scratched" pretty good in any area around any port you are running a risk of a having a ring break if scored area is bad enough, this will of coarse be a major failure which would require you to completely tear down your engine and could destroy your lower end as well as the top.

So running that engine after knowing there is a problem is a real roll of the dice now, but you will know something pretty soon after getting the new carb. installed. just be easy with it and see how it does is my advice, good luck I hope it runs out for ya without needing a rebuild.....!

PS.thanks for the warning... and to any other newbies: its not worth reusing a part you can buy for $1. no matter how long you have to sit on you butt.!

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