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Default motor head, plug, piston gumming up?

so i check my motor and parts often to make sure everything is in order. well when i first started running my 80cc slant motor from zoom bikes i ran it as the break in instructions said. so it was 16:1 gas oil mix with a decent 2stroke oil. well it ran great with this oil. it even ran so good i figured shoot ill keep running it with that oil at that ratio it ran so good. well my third tank of gas comes around and i used all my other gas and oil and was running low on oil so i used some walmart super teck cheap crap. i ran it at 32:1, now my motor is all gummy. the head has a layer of gunk on it. the piston has a layer of gunk on it. both ports have the gunk, and the spark plug is hating life.

so what do you guys think? im thinking this walmart oil needs to be banned from the shelf is what i think!
every run is a test run . . . and i just hope it dont blow up - wil

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