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Default Re: Zoombicycles 80cc slant head

I am purely saying that a guy weighing a 130 pounds is a night and day difference from 210 pounds.

The 210 + guy is the one with wore out spokes and a broken stud on a motor mount in say 1000 to 3000 miles. For every action there is a reaction. Something has to give.

A guy weighing next to nothing will have a scooter that moves.

I 've known of kids that are light enough they drill holes in there rims etc. [None motored] Don't ever do this to a motored guy's. My point being is weight is never accounted for by the light guy. Who always says its a working.

I got a friend running a slant head with a text book correct pipe on it and after market carb that would run neck to neck with my stock 5.8 Morini. Me 240 pounds heavier bike. Him lighter bike and he at 210 pounds running direct drive.

Just saying it is never accounted for. There is so much not accounted for!!

Sure a motor fighting less compression will rev easier. My buddy with his slant was getting 8000 rpm's out of his motor dialed in perfectly a lot done correctly.

Now we get to bring up the famous roller cage bearing on the piston that grenades.
Yes a stock motor with the lower compression head will last longer for a variety of reasons. Except I put brass bushings in my motors.[China]

Now if we are talking about a stock run of the mill motor. know to motors are ever really the same. One guy can have a slant head and do just fine while another may not.

Slant head out of the equation two regular head motors side by side may not be alike. I have had the motors both ways. I think it is prolly easier to get more revs out of a lower compression head.

I prefer the slant head my self. I have so far never warped one or found one warped. This is out of 6 motors that I know of.

I can only speak from my experience the Zoom slant head motors that I have ordered in the past year alone have the best porting I have yet to see on a china jug. Nice large ports. You put that with a good pipe that thing with rev out just fine.

If a guy happens to have inferior porting on there jugs well.

Last there is always a inherit difference between motors one motor may very well be timed differently.
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