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Default Re: how to CHOP a fork

Originally Posted by curtisfox View Post
It seems that you are talking about the lower tubes? cutting the stem tube is not going to change the ride height. All the measurements should be taken off the old fork.
The only way to shorten the lower tubes is to cut the bottom and put in new or differant dropouts. The tubes have to be notched and then the dropout rewelded in,AND THAT SHOULD BE DONE BY SOMEONE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING A WELDER,for safty. Its not hard just make sure its done right. What size is your bike? You didn't order a 26 for a 24 inch bike? How much longer is it?
yeah it is a 26 inch bike, and the steer tube is about 2 inches too long, and i believe the fork tubes are also, and since im no welder i guess ill be taking it to a bike shop. why is it that you cant cut the fork tubes at the top?
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