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Default Re: Trying to find threads from last summer...are they saved somewhere?

BTW - as it could be a lil misleading the way it's phrased above - older threads aren't archived (beyond the normal backups done for the entire forum), they're all there & ready to be accessed by anyone, a single post will bring them right back up to the current 'New Posts' - tho it's uncertain if the OP is still around and/or has moved on to other projects

"Bumping" up old threads is actually encouraged if they contain valuable information or interesting projects - there's so much that we often miss some when we reorganize/add new subforums... and often in haste ppl will create a new thread for some of the same problems we've all had & resolved, sometimes some quite extensive and helpful threads get buried and it's a bit of a shame, a quick "Thanks" posted can often breathe new life into 'em so all can benefit
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