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Default Re: Trying to find threads from last summer...are they saved somewhere?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Were the photos in threads you started or just posts that you made? I'll take a look for you if you recall anything about the, approx. month...
In a thread I started, but don't recall the title for. (I can't even remember my cell phone number.) It could have been as early as mid July of last year, but probably August with less chance of early September. I think August. I appreciate your taking a look, Tom. The subject of the thread was a bike I found at the dump which turned out to be a 1950 Schwinn straight bar, which I thought was a DX due to the remaining paint. Whatever it was, it shared the same frame with Panther, Motorbike, Hornet and other great classic cruisers pre war. I'm entering the bike in the four stroke build off and had hoped to show how it looked when I found it, stripping and painting it, rebuilding the original seat, giving it new wheels and fenders. I have photos from this summer.
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