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Lightbulb Re: Singlespeed Cassette Hub Conversion

Originally Posted by RedB66 View Post
How "too wide" is it? The chainstays can be spread a small amount.
thanks for the reply red , the measure I get is 1/2 inch .... but it looks like the side the cascade is on is where the axel is longer and maybe off set . the stays on the free wheeler is 1/2 inch wider than the cruiser ,, I think I am going to avoid bending the stays for now ( I will get another wheel if nothing else , ‘ but I am stressed for cash right now and have rims to mess with .. I found this subject on an search engine but it has no real information for procedures to me . * link at bottom of post * I presume that he did not bend the stays in , but instead used nuts and washers to fill the space .. and was very lucky the the 16 tooth just happen to screw on , ( why cant I get this lucky ) the wheel has got to be center ... I do know this much . I am thinking once I get the cascade off , the threads are going to have to be long enough, and going close to the hub so I can use nuts and washer to center the Wheel . But In this case I can just get another rim with an coaster brake . But the rims I have are all free wheelers and I have plenty of them , free and out of the dump in good shape , I'm just seeing if I can do it for an worthy thread to be here . and it may lead to an fix for tire and chain rub , or chain and stay rub ,, free wheelers have got to easer to motorize than an cruiser but the frames are geting smaller too , I think they may on to us. and I have saved an lot of time here as well . Its raining today ( thank god ! ) but I will get back on it when its stops . this just may be an good subject here at the forums .. thank you ! and we may see an few pictures and post before this thread sinks to page two . here is an kit but looks like ill be adding instead of making room
P.S the flip flop hub is cool but cost more than an rim with spokes in them .. but it would be an good thing to learn how to make an wheel Single Speed and Fixed Gear Conversion - Converting to a Single Speed or Fixie i may wind up making my own

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