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Default Re: Throttle seems to be sticking

Originally Posted by bobs hog View Post
My problem when installing the carb was the carb was very tight sliding on to the manifold. I dont even think I was able to get on all the way to the stop. It went on barley past the slits cut into carb where the clamp goes on. Think I can sand down the manifold tube??
You could take some material of the outside diameter of the intake manifold and if its really that tight you can also ream out the carburetor...but just a little and do it carefully. Clean everything well after you do any sanding or grinding.
I have to disagree with the electrical tape suggestion. It will eventually get attacked by the gasoline and make a gummy mess that could get into your engine. Gear Nut's suggestion about using Seal All or a gas resistant sealer is the best method.
As for the original question, if you're not sure what is binding/sticking, I always suggest to disassemble the throttle cable from the twist grip and carb and try each part seperately to find out what isn't moving freely. Lube the cable and where it's attached to the twist grip and make sure there is no plastic flashing in the cable groove in the grip. Overtightening of the cap where the cable enters the carb or the carb to the manifold can also cause a warp that will bind the slide (barrel) inside the carb.
Please let us know what you find.
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