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Default Re: Zoombicycles 80cc slant head

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
based on my and other's experiences, the slant head does absolutely nothing for performance. it's a pretty poor design, prone to overheating and warping, and the only real reason to get one is if a straight head doesn't fit in your frame.

all of my straight head motors run circles around the slant.

i think it's a waste of money, and definitely not an upgrade.
Listen to the "Baird".....he knows everything.....(grin)....Zoom engines are the only I've ever used....not a single issue yet....the intake ports on these engines are larger than other makes....more mixture...more power....I've heard of slant heads overheating and warping but I've never encountered me it's more bang for your buck.....just my 14 cents worth...( adjusted for Obamanomics)


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