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Default Hello from Oxford, MS

I've been cruising the forums for a while now and I have to say that I'm very impressed with motorized cycling and what you guys are doing to promote it. Oxford is a very bicycle-friendly town (college town), and I've become interested in gas conservation in the past few months. In the past I've been a motorcycle rider (V-65 Magna), but this is not very fuel efficient (I think my Corolla probably gets better gas mileage than the V-65). I'm also interested because I want to find a way to get more exercise (I'm in the computer networking business, so it ain't happening at work ).

I just got a new bike and I've decided to get a kit (if I can find the right one!). I do have a couple of general questions if someone has time to answer one or two of them:

1) I've looked all over the Mississippi MDOT website, and I can't find anything on Mississippi law regarding m-bikes... Does anybody have experience here?

2) I bought a Schwinn Sidewinder 26" V-frame bike; what would be a GOOD kit with a Honda or Subaru Robin 4-stroke engine? After reading the forums, I have decided on a few things regarding this (please correct me if I'm wrong):

a) I want to get a chain-drive engine

b) I want a good (non-Chinese) engine; preferrably Honda or Subaru

c) I want an engine that is rear-mount and includes the gas tank

d) The GOOD kit will cost me between $500 and $600

e) I want a four-stroke engine to reduce noise

3) Where can I get one of these GOOD kits in a reasonable amount of time? I really don't want to wait 3-4 weeks for it. I'm anxious to start tinkering!

4) If I understand it correctly, some of these engines can be started automatically by using the clutch, since the chain drive is connected (like push-starting a car). Is this a good idea and, if so, which engines have this capability?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Paul (Newbie in Mississippi)
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