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Default Re: what are the long term effects of an air leak?

Originally Posted by pechroc1 View Post
the engine has not seized. just boged down. it stills starts right up. and my experience is taking this thing apart yesterday... thats about it. i didnt have a gear puller so i couldnt pull the bottom end apart. but i was able to pull the head cylinder and piston, apart. the only thing i noticed was it looked like something was rubbing the piston by the exust port as the piston had some slight indentation by the exhaust manifold.

this leak started with a cracked carb body the i repaired....(i Thought... HA!)

Do as you will on this, but if the piston is scored and the cylinder is scored "Scratched" pretty good in any area around any port you are running a risk of a having a ring break if scored area is bad enough, this will of coarse be a major failure which would require you to completely tear down your engine and could destroy your lower end as well as the top.

So running that engine after knowing there is a problem is a real roll of the dice now, but you will know something pretty soon after getting the new carb. installed. just be easy with it and see how it does is my advice, good luck I hope it runs out for ya without needing a rebuild.....!

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