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Default Re: Strengenthing my new cruiser

Oh, and cruiser bikes just look so much cooler.


Not really.

OK, the cruiser I'm converting is a Micargi Rover. I chose it because I like the way it looks. I'm adding a front drum brake and truss rods on the triple tree forks. But really, they're mostly just for looks. This is my first motorized bike, but I've built my share of hotrods and custom cars. With anything you just use common sense - know your vehicle, do the maintenance and keep your eye on stuff. The comment about cruisers going 5mph is pretty silly. I don't think I can keep my human-powered beach cruiser vertical at 5mph! I do like flying down a hill at 30mph or so on it and the coaster brake manages to get me stopped just fine. Wouldn't want to do that every day, though. The law doesn't allow over 25mph with a moped here anyway. I figure the extra front drum will be ample. Don't plan to be drag racing this thing. Like anything, it depends on how you plan to use it.

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