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Default Re: New guy, new bike, new engine kit

Originally Posted by Zack01GC View Post
Problem 1 with the build:

I can't get the f*&^%(& nut off the rear wheel of the Cranbrook that holds the brake arm and dust cap on. I have the wheel off, actually could loosen the opposite side (with the sprocket), wound up taking the hole axle out, brake arm and nut still intact.

Any tips on how to get the nut off that holds the brake arm on? It seems to me the schmuck at the factory used a damn impact gun to crank that sucker on. Looks like i'm going to need a vise and an impact gun to get the f-er off. I have neither.
It is supposed to be tight. Take a section of pipe and slip it over the end of the brake arm and now you have leverage. Use the wrench and give force in opposite directions. It will come off.
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