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Default Re: Gas-Resistant Rubber Grommets?

"Just for now", 2 days ago I cut the tip off a chemical resistant rubber glove finger and wrapped it over a steel washer. Not suggesting it but has worked just for now. (read until it fails and I have to fix it, lol)

Was wondering, would nylon washers work? I am guessing if they did, you would see em used a lot. Will soak one in gas and check. Easily found an' cheap.
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Check your local ATV/Dirt Bike/Jet Ski shop. They normally have stuff like that or can get it.

You could also just cut a thin slice of gas line and use that for a washer/grommet/oring. Its what I do.

Neoprene washers will hold up to gas also.

Purty cleaver R00t. Gonna try that

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