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Default Gas-Resistant Rubber Grommets?

Got a weed whacker tank mounted up to the bike. Relatively low-profile & hidden compared to the stock tank that comes with the kit and has a tendency to collide with my knees (not to mention, seems to fit very loosely on the frame).

The only problem with the system is that the hole for the gas to go through was on the wrong end of the tank because weed whackers use a 2 or 3 line gas system so they can pump gas through in any direction, unlike our MBs. So I drilled a hole in the bottom of the tank & stuck a grommet in there and the line through that.

It works great for about twenty minutes or so, but the grommet expands as if it were a sponge, gets very brittle, and cracks along the edge of the plastic hole. Then I just get a big mess.

I've been to the following places:
  • Home Depot
  • True Value Hardware
  • Lowes
  • Tractor Supply
  • Autozone

All of which do not sell a rubber grommet rated for gasoline. Anyone know where to get one? I've found them for sale online, but they want in excess of 15 dollars which seems ridiculous for something so simple & tiny.
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