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Default Re: what are the long term effects of an air leak?

Originally Posted by Techbiker View Post
Before breaking down the engine, I would check to make sure that you aren't just running too lean. At one point I was running my engine with too small of a jet and it would bog down/ get too hot. A light brown color plug indicates a lean condition. All of these engines make rattling noises. Mine rattles a TON when revved but this is in fact coming from the clutch.

If you order all of these parts and end up not needing a rebuild, then it will be a waste. I would make sure to correct your fuel to air mixture first before breaking down the engine.
will do. however, my clutch never made this noise before and even with the clutch housing plate off and my ear to the case it doesnt seem to be coming from there. but im not buying anything till i get it together with the new carb on.
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