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Default Re: what are the long term effects of an air leak?

Originally Posted by pechroc1 View Post
i really appreciate this. just for my knowledge what happens to the top end..? does it warp, do the rings blow out? what happens. should i look for something in particular? thanks for your help brother.
No problem, we all need a little help some time, and these little engine as simple as they are can still pose problems for us all some time.

Ok, if you noticed a scratche darea on the piston where it passes the port that is a sign of something that has likely got hung between the piston and the cylinder wall which is not good, if it had broken the piston ring the engine would have quit on you very suddenly, but since it didnt you got a little more running out of it.

sounds to me like your best bet is a top end rebuild, in the previous post you will find what I think is the best & cheapest source for all the parts you will need to do the rebuild.

Question: does the piston thats in your engine have a slight domed up shape on the top of it?

This is very important to know because some of the straight plug head engines had a piston that is almost flat on top and as far as I know all of the slant head with spark plug that screws in at an angle have the domed piston, if yors is the domed piston engine then the link for the piston I gave you will work just fine but if yours looks almost flat then it will take a different piston which BGF carries.
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