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Default Re: what are the long term effects of an air leak?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
dont take long before you no go any more..!

that is if we are talking about the engine and not the tire.....!
if it's the tire you will be pushing it before long...

An air leak will cause your engine to run very lean on fuel in comparison to the amount of air the engine is getting which will make the internals get very hot and in a short matter of time the engine will be trashed and need a rebuild if it is even rebuildable after it quits.

So as you can see it's a very bad thing to run with an air leak.

^^^^^^ thats me! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!. i think its about time for a rebuild.. ...

so were do i start to rebuild? crank, piston, cylinder? it didnt quit yet but its on its way out. i took apart the top end but i dont know waht to look for...?

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