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Default Re: Would this work?

Only had a 2 cycle kit but from what I understand the 4 cycles are a bit quieter. The fact that you can just pull up to a pump and fill the tank would be nice but for me the biggest deciding factor between a 2 cycle kit and a 4 cycle is the price. Once was you could pretty much figure on spending twice as much on a 4 cycle as you would on a 2 cycle but that's not quite true anymore since the prices on 2 cycles have spiked recently. Prices may come down on 2 cycle kits as we get closer to the end of the summer season, they always have in the past.

A 2 cycle engine is always going to produce more power per CC then a 4 cycle simply because every 2nd revolution is a power stroke instead of every 4th.

Another thing to keep in mind on a 4 cycle is there are a lot more parts to deal with since they have to have a gear reduction transmission and I have yet to hear of one that is as trouble free as a 2 cycle.

I've often considered putting a 4 cycle on my next bike but I just can't get past the extra cost and maintenance needed with one just to save me from mixing gas.
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