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Default Re: Quick release rim?

HI Joshua,

Generally speaking each tooth you go up (slower but more pulling power) or down (faster top speed) on the rear sprocket changes your top end by about 1 MPH on a 26" wheel....With the typical HT type engine (I run a Dax 70) the 44T will be good for about 27 or 28 MPH before winding the engine out pretty high (6400 RPM or so....A speed I wouldn't care to have the engine run for prolonged periods because mine gets to sounding "rattly" that high up.....I geared to 36T and can go 34.4MPH at about 6400 RPM)...If you go to the 48T you will lose about 4 MPH top end but you will have better slow speed biking ability and more hill climbing power...48T would make it easier on the engine to come to speed BUT top end goes down and cruise RPM's go up....If your engine is struggling a lot ( hills, high altitude, high weight, slow operating speeds) a larger sprocket may be helpful....If it only struggles occasionally, perhaps pedaling to help would offset the need to buy another sprocket and have the engine be less "buzzy" most of the time to boot...Really depends on how "bad" things are now as to whether or not to switch gearing...

Hope this helps you.

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