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Default Re: Brakes squeak on rims after painting.

Originally Posted by lolitsdaelan View Post
I guess this is to serve as a word of warning, and also an inquiry to see if anyone has a solution for this.

brakes need to be direct pads to metal with no paint, oil, water, anything between them or they will not work correctly. A solution is to raise the bike up, spin a wheel at a time and use a flat screwdriver or other tool to remove (scrape) the paint on the sides of the rim so that its raw metal. Think of a lathe. the spine of the rim can remain painted. see pic. They are going to look like this eventually anyways, but this way you can be sure its square and restore proper function to your brakes.
I got a better idea (maybe). Tape some little pieces of fine grit sandpaper on your brake pads and ride down your driveway while pressing them lightly.
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